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Deep groove ball bearing

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Deep groove ball bearing is the most representative rolling bearing. Compared with other bearings of the same size, the bearing has the advantages of small friction coefficient, high limit speed, simple structure, low manufacturing cost, high accuracy, no need for regular maintenance, and large size and many forms. It is the most widely used kind of bearing. It is mainly subjected to radial load and can also bear a certain axial load. When it only bears the radial load, the contact angle is zero.

When the deep groove ball bearing is mounted on the shaft, the axial displacement of the shaft or shell can be restricted in two directions in the axial clearance range of the bearing, so it can be positioned in two directions in an axial direction. When the deep groove ball bearing has a larger radial clearance, it has the performance of the angular contact bearing and can bear a large axial load. The deep groove ball bearing is superior to the thrust ball bearing in the high speed running condition with large axial load. Besides, the bearing has certain alignment ability. It can still work normally when compared with the hole of the shell 2 'to 10', but it has certain influence on the bearing life.

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